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4 Stars

04 December 2014

I lost alot of weight with the pink slimming pills before in the past and i got pregnant had a baby and put on weight. Went back on them but did not get the same effect as last time. Thinking of going back to them again tomorrow. ..i hope they work better this time round

5 Stars

11 November 2014

I was on the pink pills i lost 2 and half stone in about 6 weeks. i was so happy to be back to slim :) had to stop pills as was pregnant then had another baby. so will be going back to clinic next week to get back on them and lose all this horrible weight...

5 Stars


29 June 2014

I was on this 2 yrs ago and was impresses with the results how i suddenly stopped it before xmas which sent me very low...i have just started it again and just want a boost with my journey to lose weight...i have already started to exercise and to stop snacki g,i was thinkin of taking this for 3 weeks then wean myself off like every other day then half a table...any tips on this please.
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by on 17 September 2014

does anyone know where to get these pink slimming tablets as I am unhappy with the way I look, I tried the doctors but was unsuccessful. could anyone help me in finding a supplier for these weight loss tablets, thanks its much appreciated.

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Phentamine 30mg

22 April 2014

I was given the 30mg phentamine and was told id see a great weight loss..... well all I got was a period for the first time in 10 months after having the contraceptive implant. from the first day I took it I had bad stomach pains and bled everyday until after 8 days I couldn't take it anymore. no insomnia, no weight loss and no dry mouth.... maybe im just immune??
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m wiggy
5 Stars


30 October 2013

I went on Tuesday. Even thou I had been b4 I had 2 join again & show ID. They wont let u join without showin ID. I woz taken 2 a room where the nurse took me blood pressure, took me height & weight, put the details on pc & told me my BMI. She told me I had 2 ave a BMI betwn 27-30. This is up2 the doc u c if you can ave tablets. Sum docs let u ave from a BMI of 27 but the other doc will only let u ave if u r over 30. I am 31. I had 2 go back into the waitin bit and wait to c the doc. She woz really good & checked me BMI gin. She told me that unlike b4 I couldnt just walk in & get tabs I will ave 2 c a doc & be checked and me weight will always b checked by the doc. The nurses aint allowed 2 give out tabs like b4. When I woz there sum 1 was kickin of at the nurses coz she wasnt allowed 2 ave tabs. The doc came out and says to her that she wont b allowed back & will b barred from all of their clinics 4 ever!! The tabs ave gone up they are now 59 quid but a lot nearer than Wood Green. I found the doctor and nurses really good and im glad they r goin 2 check me so well. I heard that they r back open on a Sat as well but you ave 2 book b4 as its so busy & packed out 4 weeks in front. They wont b doin vouchers.
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by on 05 November 2013

Me and my friend went on Saturday. I was told I couldn't have as my BMI wasnt high enough and didnt even get to see the doctor my friend did but he wouldnt let her have!!! Went back today but this time I packed myself down with weights and guess what got them. Had on a my fellas weighted vest and my friend wore his ankle and wrist weights - the pair of us could hardly walk but it worked we've both are in now and got them!!! Gals get down to Argos and by your weights to make yous heavier xxxxx


by on 10 December 2013

Hi Ladies, so ive been taking the pink pills for 3 days now, but i am suffering with terrible headaches.. I drink at least 2 litres of water a day and even more so now as its important to keep hydrated. Can anybody help me? or give me advise as to what i can be doing to stop these headaches. Thanks


by on 16 January 2014

I've got my app 2morow I wanna spend £70 so how many weeks or months will that' get me


by on 18 January 2014

I'm suffering from headaches I didn't last time I was on them

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15 October 2013

Albany is back open and trading. They are currently only running clinics on a Tuesday and Friday from 10.00am - 2.00pm. Booking via telephone is a must (don't expect to phone in the morning and be seen in the afternoon as it getting booked up weeks in advance. You have to see the doctor at all times and you must have a BMI of over 27 (skinny girls need not apply). The pills seem to be better than before as I am losing the weight big time.
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by on 04 November 2013

I tried to get the pink pills from the Albany Clinic but was told I had to have a BMI of 27 I have a BMI of 25.6 so I have to get fatter before I get help to lose weight, I know two other girls who have been turned down and have decided to buy the slimming pills on line this CAN NOT BE GOOD


by on 05 November 2013

That is correct - The doctor will not PRESCRIBE you with slimming tablets if your BMI is under 27 (this is the lowest and this will only be with mitigating circumstances - stress incontinence, aching joints etc). All you need to do is move a little more and eat less as you can only be SLIGHTLY overweight. You will be a very silly woman to go on line and purchase slimming tablets on line as they wont be regulated and could contain any number of chemicals


by on 05 November 2013

What a silly comment to make. You have been seen by one of the professional doctors at Albany (registered on GMC website) who has advised that you do not need and will not be prescribed slimming pills and you want to go on the internet and purchase on line without knowing what they contain (could contain rat's poo for all you know). How pathetic !!!!!!!!

5 Stars


24 September 2013

Hey all, The slimming clinic is back open!! BUT you can only go on Tuesdays & Fridays between 10-2pm. Booking is a MUST! You also have to have a BMI of over 27 and will need to see the doctor regardless of if you have been there before! Happy Slimming!!
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by on 14 January 2014

Sadly for me I only had four pounds to lose after losing three stones. This is the point they closed. I put on two pounds during the time they were closed so needed to lose almost half a stone when they reopened. What a shame even if they could see how well you'd done previous, they wouldn't let me continue to reach my target. Not very good when I had done so well and been loyal, I could have gone to The bromley clinic which was nearer.

5 Stars

wood green slimming clinic

13 September 2013

Just read comments about the price at Harmony clinic, the one I go to across the road only charges £44 for a 4 week supply of Phentermine. It's in the St. Raphael Centre next to St. Michaels Church, Wood Green. The doctor is friendly and really knows his stuff, gave me a blood pressure check and everything. Unfortunately he is only there every other Thursday but he can be contacted by email at
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by on 21 April 2014

Hi can you tell us if this place is strict too, do you have to have certain bmi? Many thanks

5 Stars

Wood Green Harmony clinic

, 17 August 2013

I used to go to Albany clinic in Sidcup before suddenly finding out that they had shut down. After about 3 months off Phentermine I decided to see if I could find it elsewhere. I went to Wood green, Harmony, its inside an express pharmacy. After an hour thorough consultation I purchased 13 weeks phentermine at £150, only because I live a good 2 hour drive was I allowed that much. Excellent doctor.
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by on 17 August 2013

I don't think Albany was reopening, could be wrong and it could be a long wait.

Albany Clinic Closed
5 Stars

Clinic in Bromley

02 July 2013

This clinic is very good and they give a thorough service.On Bromley High Street called Dietcare.
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by on 16 July 2013

where abouts in Bromley is this place? I don't think ive even seen it x


by on 12 August 2013

Does anyone know when the Albany is opening again???? I have checked the Cqc website who were investigating them and it indicates they are opening again as it shows changes to Albany have been made. But no one is saying when????

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